Hangzhou Fuyang Jingrui Medical Tecnology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1996,it is the professional manufacturer of high quality kitchen appliance.EMEET greatly identify with British writer John Lastin “Life without working is crime,working without art is wildness”.Take art and emotion into product,then it will be more lively,more fashion and more exalted.It’s comprehension and pursue of EMEET for perfect product.

Based on EMEET engineer’s gifted design and originality,a pioneer product is achieved by adopting of advanced technology.In 2007,when EMEET Wing style rangehood FLIER Hoods published,American “Appliance Magazine” once made it as breaking news to report,another famous “Home  Appliances Trends & News” recognize EMEET innovation product as future development trend of kitchen appliance on many occasions.

While providing high quality product and service ,EMEET also seeking for cooperation of customized service by OEM and ODM,which enable EMEET product shared by global client in a wider range.